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Turtle BeachFebruary 21, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West Best Bow


Horizon Forbidden West is the latest installment in one of the iconic PlayStation exclusives that have been a major selling point throughout recent years.

With the second title now released for players, there's a wide array of bows and other weapons you can use within the game.

But, you're going to want to obtain The Sun Scourge Bow!

Horizon Forbidden West Best Bow

Throughout the game, you're going to come across a wide array of bows that you're going to use and have no issues with.

However, The Sun Scourge Bow is without a doubt the best all around Bow within the game. This is mainly due to the wide array of elemental arrows it has to offer, along with incredible damage.

In order to obtain this Bow, players will need to complete the First Forge Side-Quest, which can be unlocked once they've completed all the Rebel Camps!