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Turtle BeachMarch 24, 2022

Warzone Devs Confirm Map Rotation Is In The Works


As we've reached an era in Warzone that we've had three different maps, players have been making it known that they'd want to rotate between maps.

This becomes even more apparent by the fact that players aren't thrilled by the long-anticipated Caldera map. Verdansk had its issues, but fans are already missing the lockdown stomping grounds.

Devs have thrown disgruntled fans a lifeline by teasing that map rotation may come in the future!

Devs Confirm Map Rotation In Warzone

Warzone Creative Lead Josh Bridge has assured players that map rotation is on the cards in the future...but it may not be for sometime.

"We want that. We all want that," he told COD iconic Teep during a March 23rd Q&A. The reason it hasn’t happened yet is down to a “technical problem,” he explained. “The install and reinstall sizes [are] f***ing crazy. It’s insane.

“If we pulled out Caldera and said, ok, we’re gonna drop in Verdansk, this could essentially be redownloading the size of Warzone.”

Each time a sizeable patch has been pushed to Warzone, Bridge admitted that the game has “lost players.” While a few updates aren't much to deter players, huge file sizes presented on a regular basis can deter the most dedicated players; especially if their internet isn't up to scratch.

“That’s where we have been putting a lot more effort into,” Bridge continued. “How do we sort that on a technical level so we can have that rotation? We’ve been really looking at it.”

It's clear that this feature will come into play at some point, but it may not be until we reach to looming Warzone 2 in which we may get a reset to how its coded and built to allow this. Warzone was never meant to be the standalone giant that it has become, but a way to offer more options to players. It's now become the flagship mode for the franchise and wasn't built to handle the kind of features it is ambitiously aiming to achieve.

Bridge confirmed that at some point “we’ll have more to talk about”.

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