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Turtle BeachNovember 5, 2021

Xayah and Vi Solo Queue Dominance Coming To An End with Hotfix Nerfs For Patch 11.22

Xayah has been somewhat out of the meta for quite some time now, and none but the most loyal one-tricks jungle with Vi anymore. However, slowly but surely the win rates of both champions in Plat+ ELO have seen big spikes thanks to a recent buff to Vi and a total of 5 buffs for Xayah in season 11 alone. It now appears the Riot balance team has taken a look at the issue and will be hotfixing both champions.

Xayah Changes

Xayah was for sure the most problematic one of the two, therefore her nerfs were a bit harsher. The last few weeks has seen the rise of a new lethality Xayah build where instead of opting into the normal Galeforce into Essence Reaver with the Lethal Tempo keystone, players have been going Eclipse into Manamune and Serylda’s with the Summon Aery keystone. From patch 11.20 to 11.22, Xayah’s pick rate took an enormous jump from 3.18% all the way to 17.51%. Additionally, this spike can certainly be correlated with her win rate going from 49.8% to 53.5% as well.

By nerfing her Q damage and cooldown at all ranks, the lethality build that has been so prevalent will most likely come to an end without damaging too much of her viability in solo queue.

Vi Changes

It looks like the star of the new Netflix series Arcane is getting some nerfs as well before her big premiere. Patch 11.22 introduced some much needed quality of life changes to how her Q and R perform, resulting in an increased win rate of 51.6% to 53.3%. Vi junglers have mostly kept their core build of Divine Sunderer into Sterak’s Gage and Black Cleaver with either Hail of Blades or Conqueror as their keystone of choice.

With her armor and AD per level scaling going down a bit, she’ll be a little less oppressive to duel with but thankfully the improvements to her Q and R remain intact.

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