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Turtle BeachJanuary 28, 2022

What Is The Community Battle Pass and When Is It Releasing?


Valorant is a game mostly about aim, as the tactical FPS has created some of the most memorable moments in gaming for us over the last year or so.

However within Valorant, theres a large focus on in-game cosmetics, as Riot are always adding new skins into the game that players can purchase.

Now, Riot are intending on releasing a brand new battle pass, and this time around it'll be centered around the community.

What Is The Valorant Community Battle Pass

Basically, this battle pass is going to be different that other ones, as Riot is asking us, the community to submit concept skins that they would like to see within the game.

The best ones, or the ones Riot handpicks for the Community Battle Pass are going to be added within the game!

Valorant Community Battle Pass Release Date

With this being a pretty cool idea, its good to know when players will be able to expect this Community Battle Pass within the game.

During the recent developer update, Anna Dolan noted that this will be implemented into the game on March 1st, during the release of Episode 4 Act 2.

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