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Turtle BeachJuly 26, 2021

New Invisible Gun Glitch Is Plaguing Warzone

No scope?

An invisibility glitch isn't necessarily a new thing in Warzone and while this one isn't nearly as gamebreaking as a rogue player running around, it is equally frustrating. Players are encountering invisible weapons that are causing them issues when trying to survive in the Call of Duty Battle Royale.

Players Encounter Invisible Weapons

What's Happening?

Players dropping into Warzone are now finding that their weapons aren't loading in properly. Whether the player has a starting weapon, picks up ground loot or secures a loadout, these weapons are not loading in.

And it's not like they're not loading in for a second or two, there's a significant delay between acquiring the weapon and then being able to see it. It's particularly frustrating when trying to have a long ranged gun fight or using a sniper.

One Reddit user said the following:

Whenever I hop into a game every gun I pick up and try to use is invisible and when I ads the crosshairs just disappear, at first it would happen occasionally then my guns would load in and no longer be invisible. But now every single game they just don’t load and stay invisible including ground guns and load out. I even tried plunder same issue played out the entire match and my guns never loaded in, just stayed invisible the entire time. Off topic but On top of this I’ve been dealing with constant cheaters and Audio just giving out sometimes lol I am on ps4."

Other users are complaining about this issue too. It seems to be a common issue on PS4 and in the Plunder gamemode, but other players are also experiencing this issue.

An educated guess would assume it's something to do with the servers and information not loading in correctly or fast enough. Players are also suggesting it is an issue with the graphics settings of the individual.

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