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Turtle BeachApril 1, 2022

Vanguard March 31 Update: LMG Nerf and Full Patch Notes

The patch notes are here

Vanguard has been the latest release into the legendary Call of Duty franchise, and once again players are able to dive into a WW2 themed game, where the series first started.

They recently released Season 2 Reloaded for Vanguard, which is the major mid-season update, that implements a ton of new content in aim to keep the game fresh.

Now, shortly after the release of the Reloaded update, they've gone ahead and implemented a decently sized patch that adjusts some of the issues players have had with certain weapons, along with key bug fixes.

Vanguard March 31 Update: LMG Nerf and Full Patch Notes

Like we noted, it's only been a week since the Season 2 Reloaded update released on Vanguard, and we're already seen a major patch.

This is mainly due to the fact that LMGs have been drastically overpowered since the update, and its hard to jump into a match without being shredded across the map by one.

In total 11 weapons have been changed during this patch, and there's also been buffs to numerous ARs, as they've fallen under the microscope as of late, due to how weak they've become.

If you're looking for a full rundown of the patch notes for the March 31st update of Vanguard you can check them out down below.


  • Arms Race
    • The “Escort” and “Eliminate” UI elements will now properly update during the sudden death phase of a match.
    • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to become invulnerable after dying to fall damage.
    • Addressed an issue that caused Buy Station purchases to not subtract from the player’s cash balance.
    • Players will no longer have an invisible weapon when the “Bioluminescence” or “Steamer” Blueprints are equipped.
  • Ranked Play
    • Updated Restrictions
      • The Skal Crusher has been restricted in Ranked Play and can no longer be equipped to loadouts.


  • Cooper Carbine (Assault Rifle)
    • 22” Cooper Custom (Barrel)
      • Increased ADS time.
    • 8” Ragdoll Short (Barrel)
      • Decreased recoil while firing.
    • 18” Ragdoll G45 (Barrel)
      • Decreased recoil while firing.
    • Cooper 45rs (Stock)
      • Increased initial recoil while firing.
  • Armaguerra 43 (Submachine Gun)
    • Addressed an issue that prevented progression of challenges in the Mindgames camo category.
  • Type 11 (Light Machine Gun)
    • Decreased recoil while firing.
  • Bren (Light Machine Gun)
    • Increased sprintout time.
    • Increased hip-fire spread.
    • Oak & Shield 590mm Model 2B (Barrel)
      • Decreased ADS time (-8%).
    • .50 BMG 50 Round Mags (Magazine)
      • Increased ADS time.
      • Increased hip-fire spread.
  • Whitley (Light Machine Gun)
    • .50 BMG 150 Round Boxes (Magazine)
      • Decreased damage bonus (-32%).
  • M1 Garand (Marksman Rifle)
    • Decreased ADS time.
    • .30-06 and 6.5 Sakura Drums (Magazine)
      • Increased ammo capacity from 16 to 20 (+25%).
  • SVT-40 (Marksman Rifle)
    • Increased ADS time.
  • G-43 (Marksman Rifle)
    • Decreased ADS time.
    • Decreased hip-fire spread.
  • Kar98K (Sniper Rifle)
    • Addressed an issue that caused slower than intended ADS time when an Optic Attachment was not equipped.
  • Combat Shield (Melee)
    • Addressed an issue that allowed enemy Attack Dogs to deal damage through the Combat Shield.
  • Machine Pistol (Handgun)
    • Decreased recoil while firing.
    • Decreased hip-fire spread.


  • Engineer (Intel)
    • Increased the visibility of highlighted enemy Equipment and Killstreaks.

User Interface & Experience

  • Bug Fixes
    • Operators will now properly walk in the lobby while a Combat Shield and Pistol are equipped in the favorite loadout.
    • Combat Pacing and Quick Play Filter selections will no longer be reset after returning to the Main Menu.

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