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Turtle BeachJanuary 21, 2022

Valorant Update 4.02: Release Date, Patch Notes and More

One more in the Chamber

Valorant's new Act, Disruption will be releasing soon and along with this update we're going to be getting a brand new character in Neon.

The powerful speedster is one of the more ambitious character that Riot intends on releasing in quite some time, but we're always looking ahead.

Now, we're looking ahead to some of the changes that could be coming in Valorant within the second patch of the new season!

Release Date

Valorant Update 4.02 could be coming within the next couple of weeks, as 4.01 released on the week of January 17.

So, we're going to keep our eyes out for any news within the coming weeks, so be sure to check back and we'll be sure to update this page!

4.02 Patch Notes

As of now, its hard to sya what Riot is going to include with the new patch for Valorant.

With 4.01 addressing some of the changes players have been asking for, there is one change that has been looming in the back of players minds.

This is the Yoru rework that Riot has talked about in the past, and while it doesn't appear to be coming in the 4.02 patch, rather the 4.03 patch, we may see it expedited forwards.

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