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Turtle BeachApril 25, 2022

Valorant Fade Agent Guide: Abilities Explained, Best Gameplay Strategies, Tips And Tricks And More

One in the Chamber

After plenty of speculation and a whole lot of waiting, it is happening: Fade (the next Agent added to Valorant) is finally arriving.

Here's everything we know about Fade in Valorant, including her class, abilities and how to get the best gameplay our of him with our handy tips and tricks.

Who is Fade

Fade is from Turkish desent, and has been teased quite a bit in the leadup to her release, and from what we know she's a bountyhunter that was recruited to aid the Valorant Strike Force.

She uses powers through her soul orbs to gather information and other remedies onto players and will stop at nothing to hunt down her target.

Fade Abilities?

Fade falls under the Initiator class of agents, which also features ones such as KAY/O, Skye, Breach and Sova. Bascially, these characters are experts in gathering you and your team information around the map, which also causing mayhem with their abilties.

In the official gameplay trailer for Fade, we can see this on fully display, as she's able to not only gain intel into her enemies location, but also able to disrupt them.

Q: Seize ( Credits for 1 Charge)

Equip and Fire an Orb which will stay in the air for a max of 1.5s, and then slam to the ground. When the orb hits the ground Enemies within the radius will be tethered, and will take damage and be deafened.

E: Haunt (Free as a Signature ability)

Equip and Fire an Orb which will stay in the air and then hit the ground. Then it will go back into the air and turn into an eye. If Enemies get seen by the eye they will be revealed and a trail debuff is applied.

C: Prowler (150 Credits for 2 Charges)

Send out a creature that can follow trails OR be controlled by moving your mouse. Upon reaching an enemy, they will be Nearsighted for 3s. Only 1 Creature per Trail.

Ultimate: Nightfall (7 Ultimate Points)

Send out a wave of dark mist. If the mist hits an enemy, they will be Deafened, Trailed, and Decayed.

Gameplay Tips And Tricks


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