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Turtle BeachApril 5, 2022

Storm Point Changes Coming In Season 13 of Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is currently undergoing an excellent period in time, as the Warrior's Collection Event is stellar, and players are enjoying the new content before the season dies down a bit before Season 13 premiers.

Speaking of Season 13, while we don't know much regarding the new season and what's to come, there's been some news in the media pertaining Storm Point and the new map changes we're going to see next season.

Storm Point Changes Coming In Season 13 of Apex Legends

Storm Point is the latest map to be released for Apex Legends and perhaps the most controversial one to say the least, as many players aren't much of a fan of the overally structure of the map.

Mainly because the map has a lot of verticallity, and there's dense portions of open area's and few buildings.

However, Storm Point isn't in the rotation this season, and since Respawn have been working on adjusting the map since Season 12 released, we finally have some leaks around the changes.

One major change that Apex leaker, Shrugtal has talked about on Twitter is the new controllable NPCs they're going to be adding to certain locations such as The Command Center next season.

"Likely going to be a POI feature where you can interact with some control panel to gain them as temporary allies, likely as the "draw" for that new area. Will get out some videos on these topics once I'm feeling better, not 100% yet."

Furthermore, there's been some talk regarding the Leviathan Bones leakers have found in the game files, so one can assume these are going to play a part in Storm Point's map changes!

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