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Turtle BeachMarch 2, 2022

Steam Deck Stick Drift Has Been Fixed


The Steam Deck has long and been one of the most exciting products that players are itching to get their hands on when it releases shortly.

However, fans who have got their hands on the console, or were awaiting on one, may have noticed that the sticks are drifting.

Thankfully, this has been fixed!

Steam Deck Stick Drift Fixed

Stick Drift is perhaps one of the most common, and annoying features that gamers have run into while using their joysticks over the years.

This problem has persisted on Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox hardware and players have begun to notice it's active on some brand new Steam Deck's.

However, Lawerence Yang, who is the UX Designer at Valve noted on Twitter "The team has looked into the reported issues and it turns out it was a deadzone regression from a recent firmware update."

As well, it appears the hotfix to resolve the stick drift has been fixed, so if you're looking to snag yourself a Steam Deck, than you won't have an issue!

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