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Turtle BeachJuly 6, 2022

Skull and Bones: Release Date, Ubisoft, Trailer, Gameplay and More

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Skull and Bones has been a title that has been teased and delayed by Ubisoft for nearly a decade at this point in time.

Their flagship pirate game has been hyped up for numerous years, and it may be finally time where we get a first look at some more gameplay.

Here's all we know about Skull and Bones!

Skull and Bones: Release Date

This has been a hot topic in terms of gaming as of late, as Skull and Bones doesn't have a release date as of now, and we don't know when it'll recieve one.

We could turn our atttention towards the newly announced Skull and Bones livestream that Ubisoft is hosting on July 7th, 2022.

This could be where we get our first look at combat and actual gameplay!

Skull and Bones Trailer
What We Know About Skull and Bones

The concept of the game is rather cool at first glance, but there doesn't seem to be anymore substance than simply, shooting ships, raiding them, and taking their loot.

While this is probably due to Ubisoft not revealing any new information regarding the game due to delays, we're hopeful to see more.

In a report posted by Kotaku in 2021, they've noted that the games troubled development has led them to change the direction of the game and main focus of combat numerous times. As well as, the game has costed over $120 Million to develop, making it one of the most expensive Ubisoft titles yet.

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