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Turtle BeachSeptember 27, 2021

Which Is The Best ROCCAT Sense Mousepad And Which One Should You Get?

Today, we've officially launched the new Sense Series Mousepads. Introducing the Core, ICON, CTRL and Pro, alongside the existing AIMO option.

All four Mousepads are going to offer unique benefits to you, depending on the game you play and your playstyle.

With so many options, we're here to break down which is the best option for you to make the decision a little easier!

All ROCCAT SENSE Mousepads

We're excited for you to get your hands on our new line of SENSE mousepads, and with us releasing four new ones, we're eager to share all the details to our fans.

As noted above, we've got four mousepads hitting shelves today: the Core, ICON, CTRL, and Pro; each offering game optimized performance for the style of game you play the most. Whether it's battle royales such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, or MOBAs such as League of Legends and DOTA 2.

All four of our new mousepads are constructed from unique materials, making each of them a one of a kind model compared to the other ones we've released.

As noted above, they all have differences in material and other variables and we've made these with the consumer in mind. As, some of them are going to be more budget friendly, while other's are going to excel in certain genres of games.


The ROCCAT Sense Core is the first entry in our new line of mousepads, and we can best describe it as the balanced choice for PC players looking to acquire a reliable mousepad, at an affordable price.

Made from micro-weave cloth, it offers versatile performance across a wide variety of titles. We've made sure the rubber backing on the pad itself is stable enough, so it won't move while on your desk.

The Core comes in the following sizes.

  • Mini (250 X 210 X 2mm)
  • Square (450 X 450 X 2mm)
  • XXL (900 X 420 X 2mm)

While we think it's great for MOBAs and other tactical games, there isn't really one game that this mousepad will perform better than others in, as it's material is great for all genres. This makes it the ideal mousepad for those who like to mix things up every now.

BALANCED TO THE CORE: Available from $6.99-$19.99


We know some of you are loyal to the ROCCAT brand, and we're going to commend you folks with the ROCCAT Sense ICON mousepad.

We've dubbed our gorgeous cat head logo on this mousepad, giving you the option to add a bit of color to your setup, to go along with all your other ROCCAT peripherals that you may already own.

Not only is the ICON the best looking mousepad in our new line, but we've added a water-resistant finish that ensures a smooth and reliable glide to the pad itself; it's all about durability here. This ensures your mouse never has any hitches while moving from side to side as you click heads.

We've also added the soft premium rubber base, similar to the Core, as it won't move at all when laid on your desk; it's also very comfortable for those pro-longed gaming sessions that we fall into every now and then.

The Icon is available in the following sizes.

  • Square (450 X 450 X 3mm)
  • XXL (900 X 420 X 3mm)

Much like the Core, there isn't specific titles that the Icon is going to excel in compared to others. But, it'll be the best looking one out of these bunch, and will offer optimal performance over a wide array of games.

ICONIC DURABILITY: Available from $19.99-$29.99


The ROCCAT Sense CTRL is one of the mousepads we're most excited about, as within our new line of Sense mousepads, it's one that offers a unique material that'll be best used in FPS titles and a few other genres - this is due to the material we've used to construct the pad itself.

We've opted for a vulcanized surface on the CTRL that's been heated to create a firm, yet consistent, mousepad for gamers.

The CTRL comes available in the following sizes.

  • Square (450 X 450 X 3mm)
  • XXL (900 X 900 X 3mm)

Tactical FPS games are going to be the ideal for the ROCCAT Sense CTRL, particularly those that require fine and controlled aiming. If you're playing games such as CS:GO or Valorant, this is the mousepad for you. With the noted materials, pin-point aiming is going to be a breeze on this pad, as you'll be able to stop on a dime easily.

TAKE CONTROL: Available from $29.99-$39.99


Last but certainty not least, the ROCCAT Sense Pro is the cream of the crop from our new line of mousepads and those gamers looking to gain any extra edge over their enemies will look towards this one.

We've used a military-grade polyester, that you'd often find in military clothing and other sportswear, which has been woven into an extremely versatile mousepad. Not only will it offer superb durability, but it'll also offer some of the fastest glide speeds on the market right now.

The Pro is available in the following sizes.

  • Square (450 X 450 X 2mm)
  • XXL (900 X 900 X 2mm)

The Pro shines in FPS games, particularly Battle Royales such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. This is due to the exceptionally fast surface we've manufactured and you're bound to notice a difference right away in comparison to other mousepads.

Snappy aim is where you're going to excel while using the ROCCAT Sense Pro, as you'll be locking onto targets and cranking 90s faster than ever while gaming on this mousepad.

GOTTA GO FAST: Available from $29.99-$49.99

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