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Turtle BeachJune 15, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 Operation Vector Glare: Release Date, Announcement, New Operator, Patch Notes and Everything You Need To Know

New Season

Rainbow Six Siege is now gearing up to release another Season, and the second one as apart of it's Year Seven program, as it already feels like yesterday we were talking about the release of Azami.

With Year 7 Season 2 coming out, this also means a brand new Operator for players to dive into, and we're going to run over all the news pertaining to the new season.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 Release Date

Year 7 Season 2 will be going live on June 14th, 2022.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 New Operator

Every Season, Ubisoft releases a brand new Operator for Siege, and most recently, we recieved Azami, a defender that has been loved so far by players.

Now, they've gone ahead and revealed Sens, an Attacker who has a rather interesting ability to say the least. Bascially, Sens can throw out his ability to create unbreakable walls that will create new angles for your team to push, and to catch your enemies off guard.

"R.O.U. Projector System rolls after it's thrown by Sens and drops small projectors to create a screen along its path. Although physical objects can still pass through the screen, it's highly flexible—cutting off multiple lines of sight at once."

Sens loadout will be as follows.

  • Primary Weapons: POF9, 417
  • Secondary Weapons: SDP 9mm, Gonne-6
  • Gadget: Breach Charge, Claymore
  • Health: 3
  • Speed: 1
Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 Patch Notes


Before we dive into the balancing changes you can expect from Operation Vector Glare's Season Test Server, we wanted to address a topic we know is important to you. In the current state of Siege's balance, there are a few components that we agree are tuned a little high, specifically LMGs and Finka. We've been investigating how to bring them more in line with other Operators and weapon types and have begun putting this into action. In order to make sure these changes don't cause a ripple effect to the overall balance ecosystem, though, this has taken some additional time.

We can comfortably announce that adjustments will be coming to both LMGs and Finka in Y7S3. We know you were likely hoping for adjustments this season, so we ask for a little more patience as we work to do this right by you. We appreciate your passion for these changes and look forward to getting them in front of you next season!



  • Players can now turn off or reduce the intensity of screen shake feedback during gameplay from the Accessibility section of the Options menu.

Back in Y6S3, we deployed a change which reduced the intensity of screen shakes from explosions, removing it altogether in the case of certain gadgets. At the same time, we mentioned we were looking into options for players who encountered motion sickness as a result of these screen shakes. While we know screen shakes can be an important part of immersion for some players, we don't want that to come at the expense of others' comfort or ability to play the game.

This is why we have added an option to the Accessibility menu to adjust the intensity of screen shakes or turn them off entirely. Now, players can choose the option that best fits their preferred experience with Siege. Default will offer the same screen shake intensity you've come to expect over the last couple seasons, while Medium will offer a further-reduced option that should help provide a more comfortable experience to those who are prone to motion sickness. Of course, there will also be the option to turn off screen shake altogether.

We hope that by opening up these options, players will be able to better shape the comfort and immersion of their Siege experience.


  • Increased the volume of footsteps while crouch walking.

Population targeted by this change: All.

We know those early-round frags where an Operator manages to sneak behind your squad's lines while crouch walking can be frustrating. Over the last couple months, we actively investigated the sound mix of crouch walking and found that the balance of sound to movement speed needed some tuning. Compared to alt walking, crouch walking offered an alternative that was both quiet and quick, so with Y7S2, we've tweaked the audio mix to increase the volume of these footsteps slightly.

Given how how fast you can still move while crouch walking, we wanted to better align the sound of this movement with comparable forms of walking. Watch the below video to hear this change in action:



  • Added 3rd secondary weapon option
    • Amaru - ITA12S
    • Clash - P-10C
    • Dokkaebi - C75-AUTO
    • Finka - GSH-18
    • Glaz - Bearing-9
    • Gridlock - SDP 9mm
    • Kali - P22 Mk5
    • Lion - P9
    • Tachanka - Bearing-9

Population targeted by this change: Casual.

This season will see quite a few of our Operators expanding their loadouts to include a third secondary weapon option. In many cases, this will mark the return of secondary weapons that were previously replaced from Operators' loadouts to make room for other gear like the Gonne-6.

In particular, by adding submachine guns to some of our longer-range Operators (Dokkaebi, Glaz, Tachanka), we wanted to help give them a bit more confidence in short-range skirmishes. Being committed to range is all well and good, but having the option of add some variety to their kit should help to open up new strategic angles in the long run.

Similarly, we wanted to ensure Clash and Kali had more options available to them to accommodate players who are not particularly comfortable with SMGs (or shotguns as well, in Clash's case). The addition of a semi-auto pistol should help round out their kits.


  • Changed to 1-Armor, 3-Speed (from 2-Armor, 2-Speed).

Population targeted by this change: Casual.

Adding on his new weapon slot, Glaz is also getting a new set of stats this season. To go along with the addition of a submachine gun, we've increased his mobility. While he will always be a niche entry pick thanks to a focus around his unique DMR, we wanted to give casual players more options to experiment with closer-range play as they adapt to his range and sightlines.


Shooting Range is a playable space that can be used to practice and learn about all available weapons. There are 2 lanes found in the Shooting Range: A Recoil lane to measure the spread created from the kickback when the weapon is discharged and a Damage lane to determine the amount of damage dealt by each bullet when it hits a specific part of the opponents body. The Shooting Range allows for easy and quick comparison of the different weapons used by Operators. All Operators can be used within the Shooting Range whether or not they have been unlocked. You can find the Shooting Range in the Learn Area of the Play Menu.


Close Quarter is the first dedicated Team Deathmatch map that focuses on movement rather than defense setups. With a circular flow and a good mix of different lines of sight, this facility used by Team Rainbow for training purposes will be a completely different experience.



  • We are reintroducing the previous result texts and adding small visual tweaks to the match outcome screen.


  • Reenabling validations on the game server to prevent cheater from shooting through ballistic shields.



FIXED - The defuser doesn't automatically drop when the Operator carrying it is downed.

FIXED - Melee hits do not register on a shield that is clipping through a surface.

FIXED - The interaction between Sens' R.O.U. Projector System and Aruni's Surya Gates causes the game to crash.

FIXED - Vigil's ERC7 activation sound can be heard from anywhere on the Map by the Attackers' drones.

FIXED - Defuser disappears if the player who has it crashes during the droning phase.

FIXED - Various destruction and clipping issues.

FIXED - Blood splatters are not being displayed when shooting an enemy with M249, SR-25 and DP27.

FIXED - Wamai MAG-NET can catch attacker gadgets that have already stuck.

FIXED - Attackers can fall off the roof by interrupting the rappel animation.

FIXED - The planted bomb sound effect is missing for some players after the defuser is dropped in a site and then planted in the other site.

FIXED - Player can get stuck in their drone when preparation phase ends.

FIXED - VFX for camera switch will show when another player switches to a camera you are on.

FIXED - Normal cameras can scan (red ping) enemies through Sens' Light Screen without seeing them.

FIXED - Operators can discover the game mode objective through Sens' Light Screen without seeing them.

FIXED - Sens' Light Screen is invisible to players reconnecting to the game if it was deployed before the reconnection.

FIXED - AI in PVE Lonewolf Ignores Sens' Light Screen.

FIXED - Defenders see the R.O.U. Projectors as friendly gadgets when using the Smart Ping on the Light Screen.

FIXED - VFX for camera switch will show when another player switches to a camera you are on.


FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on Emerald Plains map.

FIXED - Various collision issues on Emerald Plains map.

FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on Close Quarter map.

FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on Shooting Range game mode.

FIXED - Multiple LOD issues on various maps.



FIXED - Sens' R.O.U. Projector System moves Player sideways when it hits the operator after bouncing off an obstacle.

FIXED - Some parts of Sens' Light Screen will stay visible for 2 seconds upon the auto destruction of their gadget.

FIXED - Sens' R.O.U. Projector System is not affected by Mute's Signal Disruptor.

FIXED - Sens does not receive the "Peek a Boo" kill bonus for killing an enemy after passing through a Light Screen.

FIXED - The trajectory of the R.O.U. Projector System curves when deployed underneath a barricade that faces the Player.

FIXED - Various collision issues with the R.O.U. Projector System.


FIXED - Caveira's Luison damage in-game is 55 instead of 65.

FIXED - Glaz's sight and the bullet origin are offset if the Holo A sight is equipped.

FIXED - The feedback marker for Thunderbird's Kona station isn't visible from a certain distance.

FIXED - Red Dot B is not aligned when aiming down sight with the SPAS-15.

FIXED - Incorrect animation for Osa's Talon-8 Shield when picking up from a window.

FIXED - The explosion reverb of Kapkan's EDD is always the same despite the size of the room.

FIXED - Nomad's Airjab Launcher laser is not disabled when Nomad is affected by EMP.

FIXED - IQ's EFD displays the electrical waves on hacked defenders' cameras while in Signal Lost state.

FIXED - Iana's warning message is displayed while the gadget is recharging or affected by EMP.

FIXED - Valkyrie's camera in "losing signal state" is not displayed if the operator is in affected by EMP.

FIXED - Blitz's warning message is displayed while the shield is in cooldown and when in disabled state.

FIXED - Sens POF-9 ADS time is faster than other Assault Rifle.

FIXED - Sens' last two projectors of the R.O.U. Projector System are not in synchronized with the rest when despawning.

FIXED - Various VFX issues with the R.O.U. Projector System.

FIXED - Various Azami Kiba Barrier issues.

FIXED - Various weapon VFX issues.

FIXED - Various operator VFX issues.


FIXED - During match replay, rewinding while watching a player's POV will move the character through all locations it has been in quick succession.

FIXED - In a Bomb custom game, the plant time is 4 seconds no matter the custom game's setting.

FIXED - Voice and text chat issues in Close Quarter discovery playlist.

FIXED - Scoreboard text chat mute button is not disabled in Team Deathmatch.

FIXED - End of Match message displays Victory for the defeated team.

FIXED - Subtitles are not present during the intro cinematic for new accounts.

FIXED - Windows cursor remains stuck on screen, blocking camera movement.

FIXED - Left and Right Dead Zone option doesn't apply immediately if changed in game.

FIXED - Mute button is greyed out for some players in game.

FIXED - Several weapons are missing their 2D thumbnails.

FIXED - Purchased elite skins do not show up as owned after purchase.

FIXED - Launching the game on PC using PS4 or PS5 gamepad and swapping to an Xbox controller will lead to input loss from new connected device.

FIXED - Various UI issues.

FIXED - Various customization issues.

FIXED - Various custom match issues.

FIXED - Various match replay issues.

FIXED - Various Caster Mode issues.

FIXED - Various Audio and SFX issues.

FIXED - Various Spectator issues.

FIXED - Various Localization issues.

FIXED - Various shop issues.

FIXED - Various FOV issues on console.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 Operator Pass

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