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Turtle BeachSeptember 1, 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Friendly Fire Has Been Adjusted


Rainbow Six Siege has soared since it was released nearly seven years ago, and we're now waiting for the latest attacker, Grim to join the party.

With Siege's new season just a few short weeks away, Ubisoft has announced some major changes towards friendly fire.

Here's how it'll affect your gameplay.

Rainbow Six Siege Friendly Fire Has Been Adjusted

Friendly fire is something we've all commited while playing Siege, as sometimes accidents happen, or, we just get fed up with someone on our team.

However, Ubisoft will be stepping up their policies when it comes to this, as it deters players from actually enjoying the game, and penalizing players who constantly TK is something they've gone ahead and done.

The new changes are going to be targetted directly towards repeat offenders, and essentially washing away the grace period players once had to TK someone.

They've noted in a new blog post.

"The Reverse Friendly Fire Reputation Penalty aims to reduce the impact thattop offenders have on others by triggering countermeasure when repeated abuse is detected"

"Players with a high number of friendly fire offenses will firstly receive a warning, if a player continues to commit friendly fire offenses after a waring has been issues, the RFF Reputation Penalty will be triggered, leading to the player having RFF automatically enabled for the next 30 matches."

"The grace period for RFF penalties is over. Players who trigger all warning to correct the behaviour will be sanctioned. We'll continue to monitor and improve this feature."

So, be sure to watch out where you shoot during future matches of Siege!