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Turtle BeachJanuary 26, 2022

Rainbow Six: Extraction Enemy Weak Points Guide


Rainbow Six: Extraction has an array of devastating extra-terrestrial enemies, known as Archaeans, waiting in the depths of each level. All of them have varying ways of making your life hell. If you’re keen to survive and claim some hefty experience points, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with all 12 enemy types.

To help you on your missions, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about Rainbow Six: Extraction enemies, including how to spot and damage their weak points.

Rainbow Six Extraction All Enemy Weak Points


  • Grunts are your run-of-the-mill enemy type in Rainbow Six: Extraction. By far the easiest to defeat, these Archaeans can be killed off with one to two shots. Aiming for the head is always a guaranteed kill, so be patient and precise. Grunts have a tendency to group up, however, so be sure to keep your distance if the situation begins to escalate.


  • Sporting glowing red bulbs on their backs, Breachers can be spotted by you and your squad quickly. Defeated with a single shot into the red bulb, the real threat comes in the form of the explosion these enemies can deal upon death. The noise of the explosion is enough to draw more Archaeans to your location, too. As with most enemies in Rainbow Six: Extraction, speed is the aim of the game to ensure survival.


  • The Bloater is similar to the Breacher, but instead of a typical, grenade-like explosion, these enemies will expel poisonous gas that wastes your health within seconds. Aim for the glowing green sack before it reaches you or aim for the body to take out these dastardly enemies.


  • While aesthetically similar to Grunts, Spikers are a force to be reckoned with. Instead of rushing you with melee attacks, Spikers will fire off multiple shots of alien projectiles produced by their bodies. The sound of them firing is similar to an LMG, reinforcing how deadly they are. Using the Field Wall tech upgrade is worthwhile here, as you will be protected from incoming blasts. Deal with these parasites by blasting them with shots to the body.


  • The Sowers are arguably Rainbow Six: Extraction’s most irritating enemy type. Armed with seemingly invulnerable skin, Sowers will apply pressure to your squad by traversing on all fours and dumping explosive mines in your vicinity. The Sower will periodically lay on its back to screech for backup, revealing a chance to kill it.


  • Rooters are similar to Sowers in their traversal method. Instead of dropping mines, however, these Archaeans will use the ground around you to deal damage. Rooters will raise spikes made of concrete to pin you in place, eating away at your health. While this enemy type has a weak spot on the back of its head, it can be tricky getting into position to deal the killing blow. Thankfully, you can chip its health away with shots to the body.


  • Unless you set your difficulty up to the second-highest level, Tormentors won’t aggravate you. Should you feel the need to punish yourself and your squad, however, the Tormentor is waiting for a chance to send you back to the lobby. With abilities influenced by the Spiker, and even a hint of explosive damage for good measure, the Tormentor will use the Sprawl — that black alien goo covering everything — to travel around you without taking damage. Keep moving, coordinate with your squad, and aim for the head.


  • Identifiable by its thunderous footsteps as it approaches, the Smasher is an astoundingly powerful Archaean in Rainbow Six: Extraction. The Smasher will run into anyone it spots, dealing unthinkable amounts of damage. Unfortunately, one of your squadmates will need to act as bait for this enemy type, as the weak spot is on its back.


  • Lurkers are a support type enemy. They’re capable of making some of your opponents invisible and calling out for backup with no hesitation. Frustratingly, their weak spot is hidden behind a petal-like protective layer. Wait for this to open and deal the final shot.


  • The Apex, like the Smasher, deals whopping amounts of damage. However, its health is far more plentiful than the rest of the Archaeans seen in Rainbow Six: Extraction. Headshots won’t take it down immediately, so you’ll need to keep pumping bullets into this one. Don’t go for a stealth takedown either, as it simply won’t work. Unless you’re feeling brave, avoid this one at all costs.


  • Proteans are supremely intimidating enemies. Why? Because they impersonate Operators within the game. With no weak points and unrivalled speed, a Protean will require outstanding teamwork to bring down. Good luck.


  • Nests may seem harmless from afar, but these red pulsating orbs of doom are a pest within every level. Able to keep throwing endless Archaeans at you, these red sacks are a pain if not dealt with efficiently. Take them with a few shots or a melee attack to stop the barrage of enemies attacking you. Disposing of them will also alleviate part of the black goo surrounding you.

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