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Turtle BeachNovember 3, 2021

Phasmophobia Update Patch Notes

New spooky updates are here!

Phasmophobia is unquestionably one of the scarier games that have released in year's past, and every Halloween season, it's one of the go-to games for players to get spooked.

With Halloween now passed, there's still some great fun to be had within Phasmophobia as a brand new update has just released.

Here's all you need to know about the latest Phasmophobia patch.

Phasmophobia Patch Notes

The new Phasmophobia comes off the tail-end of the massive Nightmares update releasing, and looks to further expand upon the scary world that Phasmophobia has created.

This update adds some more nuances within the game for player's to checkout when venturing into the ghost invested properties, and it'll for sure keep you on your toes.

This update was published fully on November 2nd, 2021 and addresses some notable issues player's have had within the game.

You can view all the patch notes down below.

Ouija Board

  • The Ouija Board is now guaranteed on Nightmare difficulty
  • You can now ask the Ouija board what your sanity is in different ways
  • Different questions will give different responses
  • Combining these responses can give you a very good idea of your sanity
  • Asking about your sanity will only drain your sanity a very small amount
  • Less useful Ouija Board questions now drain your sanity much less
  • Some Ouija Board spawn points have been moved to avoid clipping with hiding place blockers

New Content

  • Ghosts changing preferred room is now tied to sanity. Higher sanity, less room changing!
  • There is a now a shortcut from the entrance area to the campfire area in Maple Lodge Campsite
  • Heavy rain has received new visuals
  • More photos have been added
  • Weather can now come through the grated ceilings in the Prison cell blocks


  • Ghosts now have a maximum range for changing preferred rooms
  • Goryo will now always give DOTS evidence on Nightmare difficulty
  • Obake will now always give Fingerprints evidence on Nightmare difficulty
  • Fingerprints now have 100% chance to spawn instead of 75%
  • Fingerprints now last 2 minutes before fading out
  • Obake's strength has been adjusted to accommodate the fingerprints changes
  • Fingerprints can now be left on small tents, picnic benches, cooler boxes, wooden posts and log seating in Maple Lodge
  • Campsite
  • The amount of hiding blockers has been adjusted in all locations and difficulties
  • Camping lights, fairy lights and the campfire light have been adjusted to stop sanity drain like other lights
  • Ghosts now have a much lower chance to change preferred rooms on Professional and Nightmare
  • Lowered the chance for ghosts to wander long distances
  • Fog colour, Night vision, and Ghost Orbs have been adjusted to help gameplay visibility during foggy weather
  • Increased interaction rate for ghosts on Nightmare difficulty to match Professional difficulty
  • Optimised all weather conditions for better performance
  • Optimised trees and other foliage in Maple Lodge Campsite for better performance
  • The clock ticking and white noise sounds now loop seamlessly
  • In VR, you will no longer grab the tent door when attempting to grab a nearby prop
  • Ghost events will no longer stop if you leave the room or get too far away from the ghost

Along with the above additions and fixes, numerous bug fixes have been implemented which can be viewed here.

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