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Turtle BeachMarch 28, 2023

Overwatch 2 Players Aren't Happy With Mercy's Recent Buff

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Overwatch 2 has now released worldwide, and Blizzard's latest entry into the series has improved in all aspects compared to it's original release.

With Overwatch's new season looming, players are making that one last push for their highest rank this season.

However, some are banding together against Mercy, who was buffed during the mid-season patch and has been causing mayhem in games.

Overwatch 2 Players Aren't Happy With Mercy's Recent Buff

With the currently competitive season slowly winding down, players are trying to achieve their highest rank yet, as this will weep the most rewards when the season turns the tide.

However, with no more hero changes due before Season 4, players are sick and tired of playing against certain Mercy players, who have been loving the recent buffs.

Taking to Reddit, these players note the folllowing.

I believe this was an unintentional consequence of the buff to Mercy's healing, but a problem nonetheless and creates counterintuitive gameplay for Winston - when an opponent is low this ought to be the best time to go for a kill, but even while ulting Winston no longer has enough damage to kill targets. Winston cannot even stop the healing beam with his shield, which is how he normally would cut off healing from other heroes like Ana. Even if you land the full secondary fire midair melee stomp burst combo into an ultimate melee attack the target will usually still live.

Be sure to let us know if you think Mercy is to overpowered now!