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Turtle BeachNovember 8, 2021

New World Merging Servers Due To Declining Player Base

Population boost!

New World, was once the high soaring game releases by Amazon Game Studios back in September, and while the game is still experiencing decent growth.

The player base has dramatically fallen off since it initial boom, and this is largely due to the lack of end-game content for players to tackle.

Now, Amazon is taking steps to ensure it's servers aren't feeling empty, as they're currently looking to merge certain servers together to populate them more.

New World Merging Servers

While it was expect that the player base would fall off for New World, as it once reached a Steam peak of 726,965 active players via Steam Charts, it has now fallen to around 100,000 or so player's on at a certain time,

While this is still a substantial number, for those who don't remember, New World suffered from massive queue times and highly populated servers when it initially released.

It was nearly impossible for player's to logon to certain servers and not have to wait at least half or hour, or even multiple hours later into the night.

Now, Amazon Game Studios has clarified that server migration for some the less busy servers is on the horizon and we should see this in the near future.

While they haven't confirmed a date as of now, this news comes from the New World forums where one of the games developers noted that server migration will be coming soon.

"Hey there, world merges are on the horizon, but require additional scale testing before we are confident enough to use the tech on the live worlds. As you can imagine given the first few rocky weeks, we are using an over abundance of caution here.

Keep an eye out in the official news area for an update from our Community Managers on this in the near future."

We'll keep our eyes peel for more news surrounding the eventual merging of servers within New World.

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