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Turtle BeachOctober 19, 2021

What Is The New World Invincibility Exploit?

Since releasing back in September of 2021, Amazon Game Studio's new MMORPG 'New World' has been soaring in popularity.

Like most games, it's going to encounter a few issues and glitches. The most recent glitch is that players are able to make themselves invincible such as player's becoming invisible.

What is New World's Invincibility Glitch?

As the name suggests, the New World Invincibility Glitch allows players to become invulnerable.

So, it's a rather annoying bug that will benefit player's immensely if they're able to use it.

As such, players have been using it to capture control points, ensuring that they don’t need to worry about the damage inflicted on them in order to progress.

While we don't condone this behaviour, it's worth highlighting how players are achieving it in the hope it gets fixed. Players have noted that they'll be able to achieve this glitch by playing New World in windowed mode. Then, simply tab out of the game and hold the New World icon at the bottom of your screen.

The draw back is that you can't do anything during this state and any damage dealt to you does eventually register once the exploit has stopped.

We don't recommend using this glitch, as it'll surely be patched soon and they may ban players for using it.

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