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Turtle BeachAugust 5, 2022

Best New World Great Axe Build For PvP and PvE

A New World!

New World's combat has risen to become one of the most highly touted within MMORPG's and this is largely due to the sub-classes player's can spec into with weapons.

One of these weapons has remained one of the best since the game was released, and this of course, is the Great Axe.

We're going to runover the best Great Axe build within New World for PvP and PvE!

Best New World Great Axe Build For PvP and PvE

The Great Axe has long and been one of the staple weapons within New World, and is the face of many promotional images and trailers for their game.

So, it only makes sense if the weapon itself is busted, and it is indeed, as it offers players a wide array of damage output, along with versatile perks.

The Great Axe will mantle enemies no matter the level they, as it has some incredible perks and abilites players can opt into via the mastery.

Some of these include the following.

Reap. Pull enemies 5m away towards you, dealing 110% weapon damage in the process.

Charge. Charge 10m towards the target, dealing 120% weapon damage.

Sockets and Gems For Fire Staff

If you've obtained a higher quality Great Axe, than you're going to want to use some Sockets/Gems to enchance the performance of the weapon.

Below are some ones we recommend.

  • Carnelian: +X% more threat with Taunt abilities.
  • Malachite: +X% damage against targets with an active Crowd Control status effect (Slow, Stun, Root.)
  • Emerald: +X% damage against targets with less than 30% health
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