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Turtle BeachAugust 5, 2022

Best New World Fire Staff Guide For PvP and PvE

A New World!

New World's still bubbling away as Amazon Game Studios has been rolling out consistent updates since the game was released.

However, PvP and PvE combat has risen to become of the biggest factors within New World, and if you're looking to become a mage, then you're going to want to try out the Fire Staff.

Here's the best Fire Staff build at this point in time for New World.

Best New World Fire Staff Guide For PvP and PvE

While the Fire Staff is viewed as the weaker magic weapon compared to the Ice Gauntlet, there's still some strong builds that players will be able to use during combat.

Compared to other weapons, players will only need to put attribute points into Intelligence and Constitution.

The neat aspect about the Fire Staff is that players will be able to take advantage of crowd control abilites within the Mastery tree, along with direct combat attacks.

But, at the end of the day, use these points into what abilities you think are going to benefit you best. However, down below are some of the essential ones we think you should use.

Fire Mage. Fireball is the first and most obvious choice for targeted damage, and other important AoE skills include Pillar of Fire and Runes of Helios.

Pyromancer. Flamethrower is just what it's called, and it takes some getting used to when it comes to targeting and spell length, but its power can't be denied. With other AoE spells like Burn Out and Incinerate

Sockets and Gems For Fire Staff

If you've obtained a higher quality Fire Staff, than you're going to want to use some Sockets/Gems to enchance the performance of the weapon.

Below are some ones we recommend.

  • Cut Pristine Diamond. Absorbs elemental damage and gives the character a +15 buff to damage dealt.
  • Cut Pristine Topaz. Adds lightning damage to a fire staff, giving the player an advantage of wielding two elements.
  • Cut Pristine Onyx. Improves damage absorption and improves damage against targets at full health.
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