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Turtle BeachOctober 5, 2021

New World Abandoning Event: How to get rid of this pop-up


Sometimes games have pop-ups on a screen warning us of losing XP for leaving a certain area, and New World has a rather pesky one players should be aware of.

The 'Abandoning Event' is not an actualy event at all...

How to get rid of New World's Abandoning event

Amazon Game Studios new MMORPG, New World has been high-flying since it released on September 28, and now players are jumping into the action that the game has to offer.

Within the game are mini in-game events centered around Corruption portals that players will have the option to complete either by themselves or with other players.

Sometimes these spawn at random throughout the map, and if you happen to stumble by one, and aren't ready to fight the horde, your best bet is to run away.

But, if you flee the area, a pop-up will appear on your screen and warn you that you're leaving the event and will lose any XP gained towards it.

The issue that fans have had with this is that it won't disappear from your screen at all, taking up a decent portion of the top-right of your screen.

From what we can tell, the only current way to get rid of this Abandoning Event pop-up is to actually go back and complete the Corruption event itself. As well, players have said that logging back into the server has fixed this issue, but with the long queue times, we don't recommended this route.

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