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Turtle BeachJune 8, 2023

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Explained - All Ranks, SR, and More

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Modern Warfare 2 is the latest installment within the iconic franchise, and with the game now fully released, players are wondering when the Ranked game mode is coming.

Switching onto your competitive side during a game of COD is always one of the best ways to prove your worth, and we're going to runover all you need to know regarding Ranked Play in MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 Rank Reset

Season 04 of Modern Warfare II and Warzone bring another Ranked Season, with this being the first-ever full Ranked Season of Warzone!

Hopefully you’re ready to compete, because there are plenty of new rewards for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale Ranked Play:

Multiplayer Ranked Play Rewards

  • 5 Wins: ‘Season 04 Competitor’ Weapon Sticker
  • 10 Wins: Pro Re-Issue Vaznev-9k Weapon Blueprint
  • 25 Wins: ‘Please Rotate’ Weapon Charm
  • 50 Wins: ‘Lock it Down’ Large Weapon Decal
  • 75 Wins: ‘MWII Ranked Play Season 04’ Loading Screen
  • 100 Wins: ‘MWII Season 04 Ranked Veteran’ Weapon Camo

Battle Royale Ranked Play Rewards

Placement Challenges

  • Finish ‘Top 15’ 25 Times: ‘Cash Out’ Large Decal
  • Finish ‘Top 5’ 25 Times: Pro Issue Lachman Sub Blueprint
  • Finish 1st Place: ‘Team Wipe’ Weapon Charm

Kill & Assist Challenges

  • Get 25 Kills or Assists: ‘WZ Season 04 Competitor’ Sticker
  • Get 250 Kills or Assists: ‘WZ Ranked Play Season 04’ Loading Screen
  • Get 1000 Kills or Assists: ‘WZ Season 04 Ranked Veteran’ Camo

Earning Rewards and Top 250

In addition, you can still earn rewards based on your highest Division reached during that the season. Remember that your starting Division (and SR) is based on how you finished in Season 03.

And remember: the #1 player in Season 04 on the Top 250 Leaderboard will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind Calling Card and Emblem for the ultimate bragging rights… Until Season 05, because a true number one player is only as good as their last season.

For more information on this, consult the Multiplayer Ranked Play Guide here and the Warzone Ranked Play Guide here. Also, check the Patch Notes for additional Ranked Play insights, updates, and information on exact Divisional Rewards for Battle Royle.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Explained - All Ranks, SR, and More

Ranked Play is the official competitive 4v4 Multiplayer experience for Modern Warfare® II, using the official rules, restrictions, maps, and modes from the Call of Duty League, which can be read here. Whenever the Call of Duty League rules are updated, expect changes to the Ranked Play rules to follow suit.

Players must be at least Level 16 to access Ranked Play but will have all unrestricted items – including weapons and attachments – automatically unlocked within this mode to ensure that all players are on the same competitive footing.

Just like in the Call of Duty League, each Ranked Play match will take place on a map and mode from the following list:


  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Breenbergh Hotel
  • Embassy
  • Mercado Las Almas
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
Search & Destroy
  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Breenbergh Hotel
  • El Asilo
  • Embassy
  • Mercado Las Almas
  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Breenbergh Hotel
  • El Asilo

Playing matches grants Skill Rating (SR), which determines what Skill Division out of the eight you belong to:

  • Bronze – 0-899 SR
  • Silver – 900-2,099 SR
  • Gold – 2,100-3,599 SR
  • Platinum – 3,600-5,399 SR
  • Diamond – 5,400-7,499 SR
  • Crimson – 7,500-9,999 SR
  • Iridescent – 10,000 SR minimum
  • Top 250 – 10,000+ SR (see below)

Your Skill Rating is based mainly on the result of every match you play – simply put, win the match to gain SR, lose the match and lose SR. Individual performance and your team’s overall performance will impact the amount of SR you gain or lose each match. In higher Skill Divisions, more emphasis will be put on team performance to ensure all winning playstyles are appropriately rewarded.

Every Skill Division below Iridescent has three Tiers to progress through. These Tiers provide additional granularity to each Division and help players feel a sense of progression as they climb. Think of these as additional SR subcategories within each Skill Division, separating the range of SR in each Division into thirds.

Returning from the Vanguard Ranked Play system is the Top 250 Skill Division, which is above Iridescent. The 250 best players with the highest SR above 10,000 will be put on the Top 250 Leaderboards for all to see.

This year, the Top 250 will be active at the beginning of each Season and start to fill as the best players climb above 10,000 SR and qualify. The race to Top 250 is on – who will be the first player to qualify in Season 02?

Also new to the Top 250 this year, something to help everyone keep track of their favorite CDL Pros who qualify for the Top 250 Leaderboard; each Pro who reaches this Leaderboard will have their CDL team affiliation and player profile displayed on their ranking. Will a Pro finish Season 02 on the #1 spot? Or will a future League player make it to the top instead?

In Modern Warfare II Ranked Play everyone will start out as a Bronze Ranked player. That means you will get to play at any time you want with no placement matches, allowing you to compete with everyone else across Ranked Play the second it goes live. Yes, even kings and tiny terrors had to start somewhere — play well enough, and you will move up through the available Skill Divisions in only a few matches. This nets out to a simpler overall experience with the removal of Ladders and Ladder Points, allowing you to just focus on winning and getting that SR up.

As for squadding up, you are allowed to bring up to three squadmates into matches if they fall within a certain Skill Division threshold, with the highest Skill Division in the party determining the restriction rules:

  • Bronze through Platinum players can party up with no restrictions.
  • Diamond and Crimson players can only form parties with and play against other players within two Skill Divisions.
  • Iridescent and Top 250 Players can only form parties with and play against other players within one Skill Division.

At the end of each Ranked Play Season, your highest Skill Division placement for the Season determines what rewards you earn, as well as where you start for the next Season:

Bronze through Crimson players will start one Skill Division back (save for Bronze, which will begin with Bronze Tier I) with Demotion Protection enabled for your first 3 matches (see Additional New Features).

Iridescent and Top 250 will start at the Diamond Tier I Skill Division with Demotion Protection enabled for several matches.

You're going to want to have a percise gaming mouse for the release of Warzone 2 before you dive in, along with headset in our Syn Max Air.