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Turtle BeachApril 17, 2023

Minecraft Legends: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay and Everything You Need To Know

Minecraft's new spin on, Minecraft Legends was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase during the week of Summer Games Fest 2022, and this was one of the bigger surprises during the showcase.

While we've seen Mojang take Minecraft and spin it off in recent years, and this will be a brand new IP that players are stoked to play.

Minecraft Legends Release Date

While Minecraft Legends was revealed during the showcase, there isn't a specific release date for the title yet.

But, they did note that all games showcased during the premier were set to release within the next year or so.

Now, Minecraft Legends has been confirmed to release on April 18, 2023.

Features And Content

Mojang has posted a press release for players to get up to speed on what the game is going to entail. Below is all the details!

On behalf of the Minecraft Legends Team, I am excited to say that earlier today, as part of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Mojang Studios unveiled Minecraft Legends, an all-new action strategy game developed in partnership with Blackbird Interactive, launching in 2023. Minecraft Legends takes players to the Minecraft universe in a fun and unique new way, as they lead their allies in heroic battles to defend the Overworld.

In Minecraft Legends, players will discover a gentle land, both familiar and mysterious, full of lush biomes and rich resources. But this beautiful land is on the brink of terrible change – the piglin invasion has begun and threatens to corrupt the Overworld. It´s up to the player to make unexpected friends (including some classic mobs you’ll recognize from Minecraft) to form valuable alliances and lead the way into strategic battles against the fierce invaders from the Nether.

The game will have a very exciting campaign that will introduce many surprises for both new and seasoned Minecraft player alike. And for those looking to play with friends, there will be online campaign co-op and competitive multiplayer which we’re looking forward to sharing more on later this year.

To deliver our vision as an action strategy game, we knew we needed to partner with a team that could help us bring Minecraft Legends to life in the best way possible. We are thrilled to partner with Blackbird Interactive, a development team with a long track record of delivering strong strategy gameplay experiences.

We’ll have more news on Minecraft Legends to share soon. In the meantime, follow the Minecraft Legends journey on @Legends_Game and for more information including mail updates and our Discord, visit https://www.minecraft.net/about-legends.

During Minecraft Live 2022, they've gone ahead and revealed some more details surrounding the title.

Minecraft Legends, the latest game to join our blocky roster, was announced earlier this year and we got a first look behind the scenes! Our own Magnus Nedfors, Kevin Grace, Telemachus Stavropoulus, and Anna Wendelin alongside Blackbird Interactive’s Lee McKinnon Pedersen and Peter Gahn took us on a deep dive about what it means to be a legend of the Overwold, as well as a 4 player co-op live demo that showed off the lush landscapes and piglin-packed gameplay. And as if that wasn’t enough, they showed off the rampage cinematic that sets the entire game in motion!

Jens Bergensten was kind enough to give us a tour of the Legends Overworld, where he introduced us to some of his old friends! And as a special treat, we not only got to meet but also hear the first speaking mobs, the three hosts: Knowledge, Action, and Foresight. And did you see those regal tigers?! I need to secure my spot as the Premiere Cat Lady of Legends as soon as it launches.

Speaking of the Minecraft Legends launch date – another exciting announcement from the team was, well... the launch date! I hope you’re ready to take on the piglins to save the Overworld, because it’s confirmed that Minecraft Legends will be coming to a platform near you in Spring 2023!

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