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Turtle BeachMay 29, 2023

Minecraft 1.20 Patch - Release Date, Content, Update, Leaks, Rumors and Everything You Need To Know

Minecraft's been soaring as of late, with a ton of content in the pipeline for players to check out and sink their teeth into.

Along with a new title coming in Legends, they've gone head and revealed another major patch during Minecraft Live 2022.

Here's all you need to know regarding Minecraft 1.20!

Minecraft 1.20 Patch - Release Dat

The latest update as noted above, was revealed during Minecraft Live 2022, and now has an official release date, as they've confirmed it'll release on June 7th, 2023.

Features And Content

Agnes Larsson, Chi Wong, and Nir Vaknin took the stage to show off the camel mob, hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves, and crafting with bamboo: four new features that are included in the next Minecraft update! As a writer, I am quite biased in my excitement for both functional bookshelves and hanging signs, as this means more material to write on and more places to store said writing. My Minecraft Magnum M’Opus can now take the shape of shelf-friendly books as well as both standing and hanging signs, all of them more misleading than the last! And with a mob that has space for two, I can now make sure to trot by them on my camel together with each reader I trick into coming welcome to my realm. Now I just need to keep the bamboo raft a secret so they can’t sail away before they read all 275 chapters. We’ll keep that part between us, alright?

The team didn't reveal their full plan or final name for the upcoming update, Minecraft 1.20, right away as we have in previous years. This time, we will be gradually announcing all the things that are coming to your Overworld in the next update. In only a matter of weeks, you will be able to test and send feedback on early iterations of the camel, hanging signs, and bamboo crafting in snapshots and betas!

You can access snapshots for Java Edition by enabling them in the “Installations” tab in the launcher, and you can find the instructions for joining betas for Bedrock Edition here. If you haven’t played with snapshots or betas before, keep your eyes on our channels, because I predict that we will be discussing the hows and whens of this process a lot!

Patch Notes

The Trails & Tales Update brings you a new biome, more mobs and blocks, and a veritable library of ways to shape your Minecraft story. Whether or not you prefer an epic adventure or a detailed musing, the features of Minecraft 1.20 can be used to tell a tale of any size, shape – or grain! You can now craft and build with two new full wood sets – bamboo and cherry! Bamboo wood sets include a raft, that you can craft with or without a chest. The cherry grove is a biome that is as rare as it is pink and pretty.

Take a trip on a mob made for two by mounting the camel! It’s also perfectly fine to ride off on your own. The camel’s long legs will take you wherever you want to go. The monumental size of this mob is not only majestic, but also very practical as melee mobs will not reach you! The ear wiggle is not as practical, but it is incredibly adorable – which is also very important.


The second mob joining Minecraft in 1.20 is one that the community voted for during Minecraft Live 2022. Also of the larger variety, the sniffer is a gentle giant that was once extinct. You can bring it back to the Overworld by finding its eggs, hatching them, and watching your snifflet grow up. I would recommend an endless cycle of hatching, so you can always look at the adorable snifflet discovering the world while the grown sniffer sniffs out seeds for ancient plants: the torchflower plant and pitcher plant! You really can have it all, and by all, I mean all the sniffers!

So where does one find sniffer eggs? I am so glad you asked, because that is the perfect segue into another new feature – archeology! Dig around in the sand to find buried ruins and use the new brush tool to uncover the treasures in suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a useful tool, sniffer egg, or pottery sherd (not a typo!) Keep searching, because if you find four of them you can put them together to make a pot. There are lots of different patterns to unearth, each telling their own story.


Speaking of stories, this update allows you to share them through the power of fashion! Yes, that’s right, wearable storytelling is coming not just in the form of shield banner parity, but through armor trims! You need to hunt down one of the numerous armor trims that can be found across the different dimensions of Minecraft. Then you can dye it in one of ten colors and add it to your armor on a smithing table, and voila! Everyone you encounter will bask in the spoils of your victories.


Did you know that you can hang signs now? Standing is so 1.19! Leave notes for your friends or mislead your foes by hanging signs on the sides of structures or beneath a block. And while we’re feeling mischievous, why not add some playable mob sounds? Place a mob head, including the new piglin mob head, on a note block to play that mob’s ambient sound! Add the ambiance of the End without the danger by creating an Ender Dragon white noise machine, or scare off intruders and in-laws with a hissSssSssing fence. Just be careful if you hook up your new mob head noteblocks to skulk sensors, because the new, calibrated skulk sensors coming with 1.20 are even more sensitive (and the redstone possibilities even more exciting!).

When you’ve traversed the Overworld, leapt through dimensions, or woken up from a prolonged meditation, why not write it all down in a book? A book which you can then keep safe in the new chiseled bookshelf. Store it along with other books, a book and quill, and enchanted books. You can even add some redstone if you want to add some movement to your library. But remember, indoor voices only if you’re visiting my personal library. It’s also where I nap, which I am going to do until June 7 so I can pass the time quicker!

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