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Turtle BeachMarch 24, 2022

Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22w12a


A new Minecraft update is coming as we await Snapshot 22w12a. The testing version of Minecraft isn't far off and players will be eager to test out what the future of Minecraft has instore for them.

Here's what we can expect in the next update for Minecraft.

Release Date

This snapshot should arrive on the 1st April 2022.

Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22w12a

As detailed in the Mojang Bug Tracker:

    • MC-249134 Subtitle "Frog hatches" should be "Tadpole hatches"
    • MC-165503 Fence gates (between walls) aren't affected by ambient occlusion/smooth lighting
    • MC-177321 Soul sand doesn't have smooth lightning/ambient occlusion
  • Forgotten New Bugfixes:
    • Map Color Correction Fixes
    • MC-249173 Map color for mangrove trapdoor is incorrect
    • MC-249172 Map color for mangrove slab is incorrect
    • MC-249171 Map color for mangrove log is incorrect
    • MC-249174 Map color for mud bricks, mud brick stairs, and mud brick walls is incorrect
    • Other Fixes
      • MC-249316 Mangrove fence, fence gate and boat cannot be used for fuel
      • MC-249303 Mangrove Leaves cannot be composted
      • MC-249270 Mangrove leaves do not have a hoe as their preferred tool
      • MC-249253 Bee tries to pollinate a waterlogged mangrove propagule and dies
      • MC-249195 Some Mangrove Propagules float after leaves decayed
      • MC-249184 The mangrove fence recipe is not grouped with the fence recipes of other wood types
      • MC-249098 Mud brick slabs uses generic stone sound
      • MC-249081 Placing water inside the mangrove propagule breaks it
      • MC-249073 Mangrove Fence Gate & Mangrove Fence are in the wrong tab in the creative inventory
      • MC-238009 Some end cities can generate floating above the ground
      • MC-249312 Mud Brick Slab has a slower mining speed then other mud bricks
      • MC-249181 Powered rail / activator rail update order is reverse

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