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Turtle BeachMarch 24, 2022

Opportunity Island Lost Ark Guide


Lost Ark is the latest MMORPG that has released worldwide, and similar to New World, the hype has been building for some time.

Another game published by Amazon Game Studios, the game much like any other MMO has mulitple area's players will get to explore.

One of these limited time event is Opportunity Island and we're going to run over what you need to know!

Opportunity Island Lost Ark Guide

Unlike certain island's/raids within Lost Ark, Opportunity island is one that players will only be able to access at certain times during the game.

In order to know if you can access the island at a given time, check your Prochyon's Compas, and Opportunity Island is located NW of the Arthetine Island.

Instead of completing a combat scenario to complete the quest line at Opportunity Island, players will instead need to take part in a fishing competition.

Once 250 fish are caught between all the players involved on the island, it'll end and you'll be placed on the leaderboard.

Below are the rewards for what place you finish in the competition.


  • Angler’s Pouch x3
  • Silverx 2,000


  • Angler’s Pouch x2
  • Silver x1,800


  • Angler’s Pouch x2
  • Silver x1,500


  • Angler’s Pouch x2
  • Silver x1,200

Participation Rewards

  • Angler’s Pouch x1
  • Silver x600

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