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Turtle BeachFebruary 9, 2022

Lost Ark How To Mount/Dismantle


Lost Ark is the latest MMORPG that has released worldwide, and similar to New World, the hype has been building for some time.

Another game published by Amazon Game Studios, the game much like any other MMO has a party system.

However, with a unique dismantling weapons and items feature we're going to run over that, along with how to mount your first horse!

Lost Ark How To Mount/Dismantle

Having a horse within any MMO is usually an excelant choice, as it cuts down on travel time, so that you and your friends can get into the action quicker!

So, with this said, here's how you'll be able to use your first pet as a mount in Lost Ark.

  • Add horse to your pet inventory
  • Hit Alt combined with + to start up the pet screen
  • Hit Mouse 2 in order to get on the newly mounted horse!

Dismantling on the other hand will have to do with your inventory, and this can be done by following the steps down below.

  • You have to reach the quest within the Ozhorn Hill map and complete the quest pertaining to Hadim
  • Open your inventory and there's going to be a dismantle button on the bottom left
  • Select all the weapons you want to dismantle using this feature

This is a good way to get a bit of money for the weapons/items you no longer have use for!

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