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Turtle BeachJanuary 7, 2022

Tahm Kench Getting More Support Buffs In Another Rework

Who's the new champ?

League of Legends is always evolving over the years, and this is why the MOBA developed by Riot Games has maintained its sucess over the years.

With constant updates adding new legends and so on, players were rather upset over the lack of changes to Tahm Kench in his rework.

Now, it appears Riot will be taking another look at Kench in a future rework.

Tahm Kench Getting More Support Buffs

Tahm Kench is perhaps one of the most beloved characters within League of Legends, and due to the last rework Kench recieved, he's primarily been taken as a Top-Laner. but players are still wanting to use him within the Support category.

This appears to be the case in the near future, as Riot Games Design Lead, Matt Leung-Harrison noted the following.

Kench's changes will be coming in the January 20th update worldwide, and most of the changes that they're looking to implement within the game are already live within PBE.

Check out the changes that Riot are looking to make to Kench down below, as they're looking pretty promising so far!

R — Devour

  • Ally Champions: Are devoured for up to three seconds and are granted a shield for up to 2.5 seconds after being spit out. Allies can also choose to exit early. Tahm Kench is grounded during this effect, but can cast Abyssal Dive and gains 40% Move Speed for 3 seconds.
  • Shield amount: 400 / 500 / 600 (+100% AP) >>> 500 / 700 / 900 (+150% AP)

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