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Turtle BeachMarch 14, 2022

Riot Games Wants To Make League of Legends Behavioral System Matter More

Who's the new champ?

League of Legends is always evolving over the years, and this is why the MOBA developed by Riot Games has maintained its sucess over the years.

However, one issue that has plaqued the game over the years has been the toxic behaviour displayed by numerous players.

Well, Riot has noted that they want to make concrete efforts to make the behavioural system within League matter more.

Riot Games Wants To Make League of Legends Behavioral System Matter More

In a new blog post, Riot outlined some of the key issues the game is facing right now when it comes to the behavioural system and how they're going to make it matter more in the future.

"I know many of you have been disappointed in the lack of progress made in Behavioural Systems over the last few years."

"You've told us again and again that this space is important. And I'm with you. That's why I'm here to share some updates kicking off Riot's new approach to this space in 2022."

This comes from Product Lead Hana Dinh who is behind the behavioural system itself.

Riot have noted some new methods there going to be taking in order to prevent bad behaviour within the game and is outlined as follows.

Reinforcing Positive Play

Behavioral Systems shouldn't just be about punishing bad players—it should also reward great ones. When we first released Honor 2.0 in 2018, it was the first rewards system of its kind, and we saw an incredible response from you all. But we've failed to update it over the past few years and it's fallen short of your expectations.

This year, we're upping the rewards with a new special recall VFX for players who are Honor 5 or have received an Honor from either a non-premade or two premades in their last game. Similar to the special Challenger recall, you’ll now have the opportunity to sport a special new Honor recall.

Targeting Widespread Behaviors

Another area we’re focusing on that we know affects the majority of players is Verbal Abuse. There are a number of exciting projects we’re planning, including an upgrade to more advanced models to increase Verbal Abuse detections. We expect to see improvements in this area by up to 10x. While Verbal Abuse isn’t directly reflected in game stats like KDA, it as a widespread issue that often leads to other disruptive behaviors.

While these are just a few steps toward a larger goal, Riot is truly committed to this space, and I will ensure we continue to prioritize it. You can hold me to that.

Taking Action on Champ Select Reports

Another area we lost some of your confidence in is Champ Select reporting. Although we have been monitoring these reports, we didn’t add punishments for them accordingly as promised. Champ Select reports only make up about 3.2% of reports today, but we know that your experience in every part of the game still matters. I’m happy to share that we are tying punishments to Champ Select reports, and you'll see an update on that in a patch coming very soon.

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