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Turtle BeachFebruary 9, 2023

Milio LoL Champion: Release Date, Abilities, Best Build And Everything You Know About League of Legends New Support Champion

A new friend!

Milio is the next champion to arrive in League of Legends and will be a brand new support for players to experiment with.

Renata Glasc was the last support champion to be brought to the rift, who arrived with a mixed reception and has largely fallen out of favour.

Here’s what you need to know about Milio in League of Legends.

Release Date

No release date has been confirmed, but given the new PBE teaser, he is not far off.

We're estimating they will arrive in patch 13.5, which arrives on the 8th March 2023.


While there is no trailer, a teaser has emerged on the PBE showcasing Milio.


While we don't know what Milio's abilities will be, the champion will focus on fire as a source of its power. But rather than dealing damage, is focusing more on healing and shielding according to leaks. BigBadBear, a famous League of Legends leaker, stated on his channel that some previous evidence suggests the Ixtal support is a kid.

He may also have animal traits, since some believe he is inspired by Harith from the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Expect evolutions as well, as he is said to be inspired too by the Scorbunny evolutions from Pokémon


Not much is known about this champion yet, but new voiceovers are being recorded for Nidalee where she interacts with Milio; meaning they could be related or know of each other, setting up a backstory involving the two.

  • Default skin
Best Build

Until we know the full extend of Milio's kit, we can imagine using items that will amplify their heals and shields will be the best choice.

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