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Turtle BeachFebruary 21, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West Where To Get Braided Wire


Horizon Forbidden West is the latest installment in one of the iconic PlayStation exclusives that have been a major selling point throughout recent years.

With the second title now released for players, there's once again a wide array of crafting materials players will need to find around the map.

One of these is Braided Wire, and we're going to run over where players will be able to find it!

Horizon Forbidden West Where To Get Braided Wire

Throughout the game, you're going to need to access certain crafting materials in order to upgrade certain elements of your kit such as Bows, Armor and Pouches.

While most of these upgrade materials are rather easy to find, Braided Wire is one that has players stumped.

Below are the methods players can go about finding this material, and it may be worth your time to stockpile on this one, as it's used for a variety of different needs!

  • Hunter Vendors
  • Salvage Venders
  • Machines
    • Lootable from downed Machines, can varry from 10-75% chance, depending on the size of the Machine