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Turtle BeachFebruary 18, 2022

How To Get A Free PS5 Upgrade For Horizon Forbidden West


Horizon Forbidden West is the latest installment in one of the iconic PlayStation exclusives that have been a major selling point throughout recent years.

With the second title looking to elevate an already successful model, there appears to be a loophole fans have found in regards to getting the game $10 cheaper!

How To Get A Free PS5 Upgrade For Horizon Forbidden West

Most next-gen titles on the PS5 or Xbox Series X are unfortuantly marked up an additional $10 comapred to their later-gen versions on older consoles.

However, with Horizon Forbidden West, eagle-eyed fans have noticed within then PlayStation Store, if you purchase the PS4 edition of the game you get a free upgrade to the PS5 one.

Bascially, this means if you have a PS5, you should opt into purchasing this edition, as you're going to save $10 no matter what, and you're fully able to enjoy the enhanced version of the game.