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Turtle BeachNovember 17, 2021

Best Halo Infinite Settings For Mouse and Keyboard


Halo Infinite is now out in the wild for players, and like any other FPS game, there's a flurry of keyboards and settings we have to tinker with.

The default keybinds within Halo Infinite are rather wonky, and most of you are going to want to change these.

We're going to runover the best keybinds and mouse settings you should try in Halo Infinite.

Best Halo Infinite Mouse and Keyboard Settings

Mouse Settings

Halo Infinite is brand new, and like any other game that you're loading up for the first time, there's various settings that you can tinker with that will amplify your game.

In regarads to mouse settings, make sure mouse accerlation is turned off and as for sensivity; it all comes down to personal preference.

Depending on your DPI, test out some varying sensitivities to find the one that will allow you to flick from side to side at an optimal speed.

Keyboard Settings

Down below is a rundown of the best keybind settings in Infinite, and we've chosen these to give players the perfect balance of audio quality, but not overly loud!

  • Reload
    • R
  • Interact
    • E or F
  • Equipment
    • Side Mouse Button or G
  • Sprint
    • Shift
  • Crouch/Slide
    • C
  • Melee
    • F or Side Mouse Button
  • Switch Weapons
    • Number Keys, V or Scroll Wheel
  • Equipment
    • Q
  • Ping
    • Alt
  • Drop Weapon
    • X

These are the main key-binds you'll use while playing Halo Infinite and the side mouse buttons will come in handy. Speaking of mice, our Kone Pro Air has some stellar side buttons that'll be ultra-responsive for your gameplay.

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