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Turtle BeachJuly 17, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima's True Magic Lies In the Game's Sounds

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Ghost of Tsushima is out now for all to enjoy and while the Japanese adventure is a huge hit with many, there is one aspect where it truly shines above the rest: the immersive world of audio perfection. From the music to the subtle sound cues heard throughout this journey, Ghost of Tsushima is a layered experience that will make every audiophile drool.

One of the many ways that this Sucker Punch adventure takes that samurai experience to the next level is the Kurosawa mode. This option gives players a chance to play through Ghost of Tsushima in a way meant to emulate a 50s cinematic experience with weathered visuals and a black and white overlay. Pairing this visual effect with the Japanese original voice acting and the subtle sounds are woven into the game through stunning music and smartly produced audio effects, every single aspect of the play experience is tweaked to perfection.

Without sounding almost cultlike, it’s difficult to speak on exactly how Sucker Punch perfected their audio experience in addition to an incredible narrative one, but we can say that it was immersive in a way that we weren’t expecting. With a gaming headset on and mind ready, being able to hear every single twig crunch, every bird chirp, every wind ruffled cloth moving in the wind; it was beautiful and it was beautiful all the way through. For those that enjoy samurai films, there were many instances that this nailed that feeling to the T. While that was always the goal, the devil in the details is how the studio managed to achieve that dream down to every drop of rain.

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But it was more than the sound effects of the game that had us moved, it was the game’s score as well. Composed by Ilan Eshkeri, the game’s soundtrack had powerful numbers that could produce chills on demand, but it also held more subtle moments too. Those in-between moments in-game gearing up towards a boss fight with tremble mounting that escalated in a way that felt like an organic adrenaline push made the experience almost spiritual. The specific audio styles that emulated a racing heartbeat or feelings of confliction; everything about Ghost of Tsushima was an auditory dream that few games have been able to compare to.

Training to be a Samurai

If you’re playing this game, we can’t recommend donning a solid gaming headset enough. That’s not a marketing ploy, it’s a genuine gaming experience recommendation. Sucker Punch’s samurai experience is rooted in the details, and that very much applies to the game’s sounds. Listen for those subtle environmental shifts, feel a track’s turn in beat, take in the subtle intake of breath from characters that have gone to hell and back. Ghost of Tsushima is an incredible experience through and through, but especially for those that love to be fully enveloped in an all-new world.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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