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Turtle BeachNovember 10, 2021

How To Update Graphic Drivers For Forza Horizon 5

Looking good

Forza Horizon, has created one of the most spectacular worlds within gaming, as the vast world of Mexico has stunned players thus far.

However, not all is perfect, as there's been a decent amount of bugs and glitches players have found. As well, if you don't have your graphic drivers up to date, you may experience an in-game error.

Here's how to update your drivers for Horizon 5.

How To Update Graphic Drivers For Horizon 5

It's always good practice to have your drivers up to date when trying out new games, as this will typically result in having the best performance available to you.

If you haven't updated your drivers in quite some time, when playing Forza you're probably going to encounter an error titled FH301.

This can be fixed rather easy, no matter if you're using an AMD card or an Nvidia one.

Head over to your respected driver page, whether it's the AMD client of the Nvidia GeForce Experience.

Once there, find the latest drivers and install them onto your computer, depending on how outdated your current ones are, this process may take some time.

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