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Turtle BeachSeptember 28, 2021

Fortnite 18.10 Patch Notes: Release Date, Size, Skins, Map Changes And Everything You Need To Know

Let there be Carage!

Season 8 of Fortnite has had a successful launch, but we're soon approaching the first in-season update.

Update 18.10 is an important one as it refreshes content and also fixes a number of issues with the game.

Here's what we know about update 18.10 in Fortnite.

Release Date

Update 18.10 will release on September 28, 2021.

Downtime for the patch will usually occur at 4:00am EST and lasts for a few hours, so keep your eyes peeled on social media for further updates.


  • PS4 - 3.5GB
  • PS5 - 2.7GB
  • Xbox One - 9GB
  • Xbox Series X - 13.99GB
  • PC - 1.95GB
  • Switch - 7.5GB
  • Android - 2.6GB

18.10 Patch Notes

General Updates

  • Boxy Skins will be getting Halloween styles
  • A new Cube will be added near Steamy Stacks
  • Lil' bounce emote has been re-added
  • New Creative String - Enable Fire Damage
  • Blue cube will start moving soon
  • Derby Dynamo pack updated
  • Slipstreamers will disable at the final Storm circle in core playlists
  • Slipstreams will disable at phase 5 of the Storm in competitive playlists
  • Chug Cannons have been replaced by Chili Chug Splashes in Loot Llamas
  • In competitive playlists, Sideways Anomalies will despawn earlier than they did previously
  • The Rail Gun has been removed from competitive playlists





The Cosmic Chest will drop good versions of the Halloween Crossbow and Upcoming Dual Fiend Hunter Crossbow.

There's also a new Chug Splash called 'Chili Chug Splash'.


New NPCs:

  • Raven
  • Nitehare
  • Grim Fable
  • Big Mouth

Bug Fixes

While we don't have a full fledged patch notes as of now, they've noted some prominent bug fixes on their Trello board.

From what we can see, these are the following changes coming in Fortnite patch 18.10.

  • General
    • Scrolling in the Discover UI
  • Battle Royale
    • Crash site slip streams won't disable after hitting a certain storm circle phase
    • Vehicles take heavy damage when colliding with Mothership wreckage
    • Dark Jonesy Stage 2 quest "Stoke a Campfire" doesn't progress during the match when it's obtained
    • Donation Boards do not display War Effort items in chosen language
  • Creative
    • Players are teleported when jumping into Barriers
    • Only allow respawn is Spawn Pads found setting not working
    • Player built structures cannot be placed adjacent to Barrier Device
  • Save the World
    • Unable to swap Hero Loadoutst in the Lobby while using a controller
    • Campfires above lv 130 are shown as 130
    • Dungeon announcer "Found all coins" audio loops
    • Quests cannot be pinned from quest journal
  • Switch And Mobile
    • Voice chat on Switch won't connect to party chat

We'll have to wait and see what other notable changes they'll be making with the release of the next patch.

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