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Turtle BeachNovember 30, 2021

Fortnite Event Tracker: All Upcoming Events in Fortnite

Events Galore!

Fortnite has seen it all over the years, and with Chapter 2 now outlasting Chapter 1 in terms of length, we're finally getting some closure with the island.

Over the coursse of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, players have seen some incredible events that are typically around the season end date.

With a new Chapter looming, we're going to run over all the current and planned events within Fortnite.

Fortnite Event Tracker

For those who haven't seen a Fortnite event before, everytime Epic implements one of these, they'll have some sort of in-game countdown whether it's in the lobby or above the island, to give players a timeline of when it's about to occur.

Besides the upcoming Fortnite The End event, we can identify some other events that we can suspect will also be coming to the game.

Here are some confirmed, and rumored events we could see within Fortnite sometime soon. This is largely based on last years events, and hopefully Epic will continue the model from years past.

  • The End of Chapter 2 Event
  • Winterfest 2022

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