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Turtle BeachOctober 4, 2022

FIFA 23: Squad Battles Glitch

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FIFA 23 is almost winning games to progress and upgrade your team. Squad Battles is an opportunity to earn rewards, but rather than playing real players, you'll play against the AI.

FUT rewards are given out in Squad Battles and a new glitch is making it extremely easy to grab some upgrades for little effort.

So what is the new Squad Battles Glitch in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Squad Battles Glitch
Whilst this glitch does not have a 100% success rate, it's extremely effective when pulled off.
All you'll need to do is follow these steps:
  1. Get in the the D-Shaped semi-circle outside your opposition's penalty area.
  2. Hold L2 or LT and pull away from the D
  3. Let go of L2 or LT and the control stick

This should cause a glitch in which the defender will simply sit there and do nothing to take the ball of you while you run down the clock.

If you plan to use this glitch, we can't be held responsible for any consequences that result from its use. As of writing this, EA have no addressed the issue and a patch has yet to be deployed for it.

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