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Turtle BeachJuly 28, 2022

FIFA 23 New Gameplay Mechanics Revealed During Trailer


FIFA has perhaps been the pinnacle of sporting titles over the last decade, with the iconic series capturing the majority of the world, a new iteration is on the way.

FIFA 23 is on the horizon, and EA have gone ahead and showcased the first official trailer for this year's entry.

One major outlier that fans noticed is that right away they revealed the drastic gameplay changes being made this year.

FIFA 23 New Gameplay Mechanics Revealed During Trailer

EA has been slowly but surley rolling out content for FIFA 23, as with the games official release date being September 30th, 2022.

Now, we have our first official look at some of the new skill moves players will be able to perform while on the pitch, and we can assume this is due to their new Hypermotion2 mechanic within the game.

Hypermotion 2 is a brand new engineered system for FIFA 23 that allows EA to get a more real sense of gamplay like never seen before.

"Powered by these two updated systems, HyperMotion2 takes FIFA 23 to over 6,000 authentic true-to-football animations, transferred directly from the real world pitch to the game."

But, with the new gameplay trailer, which we'll like down below, we're going to touch over some of the new features going to be present in the game in terms of skill moves.

  • Left-foot skill moves: For the first time ever, left-footed players can use skill moves on their strongest foot, giving them more flexibility when dribbling than ever.
  • Fake shot: Advanced fake shots are coming, available only to “elite” players in FIFA 23. Previously, this could be done by any player.
  • Stutter faint: This allows you to faint one way and go the opposite direction, similar to an ankle-breaker in NBA 2K.
  • Heel fake to ball roll: This allows the player to use the heel to fake a pass, before ball rolling in another direction. It looks like an ideal way to take on defenders with fast wingers.
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