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Turtle BeachOctober 7, 2021

Best Weapons In Far Cry 6 And Where To Get Them

The best of the best!

The latest installment into Ubisoft's iconic first-person series, Far Cry is back once again, and player's will have a wide array of weapons to use. So, we're going to run over the ones you should be using within the game, if you happen to come across them.

Best weapons to use in Far Cry 6

Weapons have become synonymous with the Far Cry series, as it appears everytime Ubisoft releases a new game into the franchise, they manage to come up with some wacky weapons for player's to use.

This is once again the case, as player's will have no shortage of weapons to pick and choose from during their adventures, and there's some unique ones such as the Disc Launcher.

However, if you're simply looking to mow down enemies and move along within the game, you're going to want to use a select few weapons that'll be beneficial to you during your game.

Here's some of the strongest weapons to use within Far Cry 6, a long with where you'll be able to unlock them.

  • SKS Rifle
    • Military zones or purchasable via Guerilla Garrison
  • Desert Eagle
    • Military zones or purchasable via Guerilla Garrison
  • Streamline Moderne
    • FND 2nd Armored Division Military Target
  • Death Rites
    • Obtainable once you have completed the New Revolution mission
  • Com.Pew.Ter
    • Taíno Peak Relay Station

While Far Cry 6 has a bunch of weapons for player's to find, these should get you on your way further within the game!

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