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Turtle BeachDecember 7, 2022

Elden Ring Colosseum Update: Release Date, Patch Notes, PvP and More


Elden Ring is gearing up to recieve countless game of the year nominations, as the FromSoftware title is still one of the most played games to this day.

Now, they've gone ahead and released a brand new update in the form of 1.08 and it offers players the chance to finally use the in-game colosseum,

Here's what we know about Update 1.08 in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Colosseum Update: Release Date, Patch Notes, PvP and More

The brand new free DLC is now live for players and FromSoftware have outlined some of the changes that players will be able to take on within the colosseum.

Below are all the patch notes.

Rise once again, Tarnished! The free Colosseum update for ELDEN RING is available today on all platforms. This DLC brings new Player versus Player features and all-new cosmetic options.

PvP Colosseums - The Colosseum doors open for the first time to reveal a new challenge, unlocking three new arenas. Located in Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndell, each arena comes with its own sets of rules and will be theatres of fierce Player versus Player confrontations.

The Limgrave Colosseum features two modes: United Combat and Combat Ordeal.

  • In United Combat, combatants will be divided into two teams to fight in timed battles with the ability to respawn. Each death and respawn grants points to the adversaries, offering victory to the team with the higher score.
  • In Combat Ordeal, it’s every Tarnished for themselves. Combatants in this mode can also respawn until the timer hits zero, and the one with the most points will prevail as victor.

The Royal Colosseum, located in Leyndell, features Duel Mode. Two Tarnished face off in a duel to the death, and without the ability to respawn.

The Caelid Colosseum features all aforementioned modes with the addition of being able to summon Spirit Ashes to fight by players’ sides.

Join the fight on your own or use group passwords to match up with or against friends, and prove your worth in the Colosseums!

Cosmetics – Five new hairstyles also await players returning to their adventure in ELDEN RING or taking on the new challenges in the Colosseums.

Answer the call of the Lands Between once again and watch the trailer!