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Turtle BeachMarch 25, 2022

Warzone Devs Are Concerned About Increasing TTK


As we've reached an era in Warzone that we've had three different maps, players have been making it known that they'd want to rotate between maps.

Along with a map rotation it's been apparent for quite some time, that players want the TTK to increase for certain weapons, as it feels to slow sometimes.

However, the devs are hesistant to do this for some reasons!

Warzone Devs Are Concerned About Increasing TTK

Warzon's TTK has been a hot topic as of late, as with many weapons being laser's all around the map and some not even doing enough damage to eliminate someone, players have been requesting a slight increase to the TTK.

However, not all players are on board with this change, as with rumors of the health increasing for players, it seems that increasing the TTK will just counteract this.

However, a Warzone dev has spoken up on this issue in a livestream when they were talking to Teep.

Bascially, the developer noted the following on increasing TTK "The concern that we’ve always had, the more you increase the TTK, the concern is you’re raising the skill ceiling.

"Crappier players just can’t take out better players because it’s too much health to chip away."

So, it doesn't appear like Warzone will be increasing the TTK anytime soon, and be sure to let us know how you feel about this!

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