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Turtle BeachSeptember 9, 2021

Cold War Zoo Map Tips And Tricks Guide

Season 5 Reloaded

Season 5 Reloaded has arrived and with it has brought back a classic Black Ops map in Zoo.

Zoo first appeared in the Escalation DLC during Black Ops 10 years ago.

As a medium-large map, it plays out much differently than before as it's ported to the Cold War engine.

If you're struggling to get to grips with this animal, here are our best tips and tricks to survive the jungle that is Zoo!

Tips And Tricks

Use A Field Mic

There are so many blind corners on this map, you'll need as much vision as possible. If you're not using the Field Mic, you're going to struggle, enemies will creep up on you constantly. Having as much intel as possible is the best option and will combat those sensitive spawns.

Get High

While a lot of the action happens on the ground, getting up high is the safest place to be. That's because the buildings have very few entry points, little opportunity for enemies to attack you and a lot of cover. Naturally, most players filter into the centre and you can get some easy kills.

Get High

If you find a lot of enemies are spending too much time up in buildings, we'd recommend using stuns/flashes as much as possible. Since there are only two entry points, you're relying heavily on grenades or going up and flushing them out yourself. Using tacticals will be the easiest way to do that unscaved.

Stick To The Outer Parts Of The Map

There are just TOO many places to get shot when you enter the centre of the map. If you stick to the outer areas of the map, enemies will naturally filter through these ways to reach the other side of the map. It's also limiting the number of engagement points so you're never surprised and avoids contact from those sitting in buildings.

Use A Shotgun

With so many tight corners, corridors and spaces a shotgun is a must on this map. If you fly around a corner with a rifle, you're going to get caught with your pants down. A shotgun is quick to fire and will always be within range to dominate an opponent.

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