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Turtle BeachSeptember 29, 2021

What Are The Best Weapons In New World?

It's a new dawn, a new day

Amazon's new MMORPG is finally here, and there's a ton for players to dive into, including some powerful weapon classes.

But every game has those go-to weapons that just seem to dominate all else. So what exactly are they?

Here are the best weapons, that we recommend, in New World.

Best weapons in New World

Like other MMO's such as World of Warcraft, New World offers players an assortment of weapons to pick and choose from. They all differ in some regards, with some being two-handed and a select few magical weapons.

Unlike WoW however, the game doesn't necessarily make you pick a weapon class to use the entire game. Instead, you'll be able to experiment with a variety of them

We're going to outline some of our recommended weapon classes down below and give you insight into why you should use them.

  • Great Axe
    • A two-handed weapon that packs a serious punch, the Great Axe does a terrific job at dealing damage to other players over a wide array of effect.
  • Ice Gauntlet
    • By in large the best magical weapon that New World has to offer. It can be amazing at direct impact damage or AoE damage with abilities such as the Ice Storm
  • Sword and Shield
    • The weapon you begin the game with is one of the best in the game actually. Simply due to the blocking ability it has, and some incredible abilities to decimate your opponents health

Be sure to let us know what your go-to weapons have been in New World thus far.

Turtle Beach
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