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Turtle BeachNovember 9, 2021

Best Operators To Use in Vanguard

This may have been accidental

Vanguard, is now out in the wild for players to jump into and the latest iteration of the legendary COD franchise has been relatively well received by players since it was released.

While this isn't to say the game is perfect, there's some feature such as certain Operators giving extra XP for specific weapons.

Now, a new feature has been uncovered which basically makes some Operators drastically better than others.

Best Operators in Vanguard

If you've been playing Vanguard since it released back on November 5, you're probably more than aware of the constant grunting and yelling Operators give off when climbing over something.

It can be excessive at times, and these noises can actually be heard by enemy players. Sometimes even giving away your position, and this can be especially problematic in Search and Destroy.

However, as TylerrWRLD noted on Twitter, there's some Operators that don't grunt or yell when mantling over objects within the game. Making them vastly better than others, as your enemies won't be able to hear you!

Here's the Operators that TylerrWRLD noted don't make any noise.

  • Padmavati
  • Constanze
  • Beatrice

Whether or not this is intentional by Sledgehammer is unknown as of now, and we may see this patched in future updates!

Other than these three, some of the better Operators to use are those that are more slimmer in their character models and provide some more camoflauge.

Turtle Beach
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