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Turtle BeachJune 27, 2022

Best Attackers To Use In Rainbow Six Siege 2022

Best of the Best

Rainbow Six Siege has soared since it was released nearly seven years ago, and we're quickly coming up on the seventh year anniversary of the game.

With a bucket load of Operators in the game now, it can be troubling to master all of them.

This is why players should pick and choose certain ones they want to hone their skills with, and espicially on the attacking side.

Here's the best Attackers to use in Siege!

Best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege

As of now, theres currently an ample amount of Attackers within the game, and they're essentially split up into multiple roles.

Hard Breachers are going to be the ones that entry you into sight over reinforced walls, DPS are characters with abilites centered around getting kills. Then theres soft breachers who can do a bit of both on the attacking side.

We're going to run over some of the best Operators in the game and a quick overview of what they do and why they are highly considered one of the best Operators within the game.


  • Unquestionably one of the premier Hard Breachers within the game, Ace has an AK-12 to use and also has S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, which can breach faster tha nmost characters.


  • Often underrated among Operators, Flores has a drone that can self-destruct and deal signifcant damage to players and is often used to destroy Bandits equipment.


  • The most banned Operator within the game, its no wonder why, as Thatcher has EMP Grenades that negate the effects of nearly every Defender gadget within the game.


  • Another Hard Breacher within the game, Maverick has a highly powerful .50 calibre weapon, along with a Torch that can shred electrified walls.


  • A soft breacher within Siege, Sledge's hammer can hit walls, floors and other sections within Siege at a rampet pace.
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