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Turtle BeachDecember 23, 2021

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions and Challenges


Battlefield 2042 has finally hit players game libaries all around the world, and since it's been the first Battlefield to release in over three year's, players expectations were high.

While most of these expectations haven't been met thus far. this isn't to say that players haven't been enjoying themselves within the server!

With EA Dice releasing the biggest update yet in the form of update 0.3.0, they've also added weekly missions and challenges for players to complete.

Here's all the active ones within the game and how you'll be able to complete them!

All Active Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions and Challenges

Weekly challenges and missions are something we see in nearly every game these days, and within Battlefield 2042 they've noted they're going to be adding them very soon.

There's some incentive to complete these in time, as they'll help players earn more XP towards their levels, as it can be rather pesky to try and level up once you get past level 20.

EA Dice have finally released weekly challenges for Battlefield 2042, and throughout the games duration we're going to update the list down below.

Week 1

  • Arm, defuse, or destroy 3 Objectives in Rush.
  • Kill 30 enemies using Marksman Rifles or Shotguns.
  • Revive 50 Teammates.
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