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Turtle BeachNovember 19, 2021

How To Change Sensitivity On Battlefield 2042


The latest entry into the iconic Battlefield series has reached new heights within 2042, as the latest installment within the series has now globally launched around the world.

While there's a ton of fun to be had within the game, much like other titles, it's not perfect.

One aspect that you're going to want to make sure is optimized is your screen size and we're going to run over how to adjust this within Battlefield 2042.

How to adjust screen size in Battlefield 2042

Players on console have been reporting that the game does not correctly fill out their display with the game when first loading up Battlefield 2042.

The issue lies within the in-game settings tab, as EA have not added a dedicated setting to tinker with the screen size.

So, if you're looking to adjust this, the only solution we can come up with as of now is to head over to your dedicated console settings tab and find the screen size option.

Whether you're on Xbox or PlayStation, you should be able to adjust this and ensure that your games perfectly fill out your display.

If this doesn't work, tinker with some of your display settings and if it doesn't resolve the issue, try zooming in on your display if the option is present.

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