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Turtle BeachNovember 23, 2021

The Best Specialists In Battlefield 2042

The special one?

Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19, welcoming a new era for the franchise. While there are a plethora of weapons to become acquainted with, it is equally important to figure out which is the best specialist in Battlefield 2042 to suit your gameplay style.

There are 10 characters to explore at launch, but we’ve nailed it down to the top five specialists in Battlefield 2042 that offer flexibility across an array of battle scenarios.

The Best Specialists In Battlefield 2042

Webster McKay - Assault Specialist

You’re going to be running around the massive maps of 2042 consistently, and the best specialist to travel with for pure on-foot speed is Webster McKay. While he may lack the air superiority of Sundance, his Grapple Hook is immensely useful for climbing obstacles in a pinch. Not only can his tactical gadget be used to navigate the environment, but McKay is also blessed with far greater agility while aiming down sights than any other pick in the game.

The only caveat to his Grapple Hook is that it locks you into an animation for a good two seconds, so make sure to time it well to avoid any quick trips back to the deploy screen.

Pair McKay with a demonic submachine setup and you’ll be racking up the kills with ease.

Emma “Sundance” Rosier - Assault Specialist

Emma “Sundance” Rosier is one of the strongest cases for the addition of specialists in the Battlefield franchise. Trading in McKay’s agile nature for a Wingsuit, Sundance makes traveling both incredibly fun and time-efficient. The Wingsuit can deploy off virtually any ledge in the game, but using it at great height will allow you to pick up a fair bit of speed to get to your next objective.

What takes Sundance to the next level is their surprisingly versatile grenades. Giving players the option to switch between anti-armor and scatter grenades means you can use these in tandem with regular frag grenades too.

Anti-armor grenades will give you an edge over tanks and the like, but scatter grenades will cover the landscape, making it difficult for enemies to escape the blast radius.

Ji-Soo Paik - Recon Specialist

This clever specialist allows players to channel a more aggressive, fast-paced playstyle. Ji-Soo Paik isn’t available off the bat but can be unlocked at level 25. Paik lets players get the jump on opponents with her Threat Perception ability. Essentially a tagging buff, the ability marks enemies through surfaces if Paik has been spotted. Adding even more tech power to their skillset, the EMG X-Scanner is a UAV-like ability that will highlight nearby foes for a short period.

Paik works better in close quarters situations, but if you’re likely to be pushing the objective harder than your squad - this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Navin Rao - Recon Specialist

The skill it takes to pilot air and ground vehicles is admirable, but it can also be a frustrating obstacle to overcome. Battlefield is known for its intense vehicular warfare, but if you’re on the ground fighting for your life, Navin Rao is an excellent choice to level the playing field. Trading out Paik’s scanning abilities for some devilish hacking traits can truly hurt your enemy’s chances at claiming territory.

Rao can disable vehicle weapons with his Cyber Warfare Suite as well as interact with objects on the map and even players directly. Additionally, Rao’s Trojan Network ability will reveal enemies in the area after killing a hacked target. Not bad at all.

Maria Falck - Support Specialist

While Battlefield 2042 makes it easier than ever for everyone to become a heroic medic, the need for a dedicated healer in your squad will always exist. Maria Falck is easily the best choice when it comes to a Support character for your next match.

Equipped with her Syrette Pistol, Falck can bring allies back from the dead at a distance. If you’re within range of your fallen comrade, the Combat Surgeon ability will add a further health boost. Furthermore, reviving someone directly at close range will give them a huge health buff - so try to make a well-timed run if you can.